We will remember how you treated us!


We always remember when someone is kind to us. When we experience kindness, we are happy to come back for more. As we face the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, it is important for us to be kind to our customers, suppliers, employees, employees and service providers.

Times are tough no doubt, but kindness goes a long way. What we do now for those around us defines who we are as people. The tone and content of emails you write to your employees lets them know what kind of person you are and will define their loyalty now and in more importantly in the future. The way you treat your suppliers now is more significant than ever. The way you communicate to your customers on social media and via your advertising campaigns lets them know what you believe in and what you hold to be important.

Today you might have something people HAVE to buy from you because they have no choice. What if you really care about the customer enough so that tomorrow when they don’t HAVE to buy from you, they just WANT to.

In the words of Ellen Degeneres, – “Be kind to one another.”

-Rohit Jayakaran

What is #ImpactPandemic?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 at pandemic proportions has left us in challenging times. However, in the inconveniences that we face today, there are opportunities for us to help one and another. This is the chance for us as individuals to band together and work together to help sustain progress of the human race.

With this in mind, we are calling out to all those of you with Business Skills to make them available to Small Business Owners who need them the most. All we are asking for is for 3 hours of your time, spread across a period of time to consult with Small Businesses in the UAE to help them grow from strength to strength.

This project is a completely voluntary and all we ask is for those who benefit from the Business Skills of others to pay it forward to others in the marketplace. By sharing and spreading our knowledge we can create an #ImpactPandemic across the country and the globe. 



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