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Paid and Unpaid leave and its impact on Travel and Tourism in 2020

One of the industries that was the first to be hit because of the Covid-19 Pandemic is Travel and Tourism. Most attractions around the world are closed and airlines have dramatically reduced the size of their operating fleet. Hotels, resorts and attractions have slimmed down staff and are on survival mode.

Is Globalization dead as a result of Covid-19?

Globalization is an incredible innovation that has led countries to overspecialize in a few areas while depending on others to fill the gaps. This pandemic has caught every country by surprise and should be treated as the fire drill for things to come.


The END of Digital Transformation!

The coronavirus pandemic has opened many eyes and caused us to see flashbacks from presentations over the last decade. Proposals to change the way we operate like going digital, paperless, meeting virtually, and being present where our customers are have found themselves buried in the PowerPoint graveyard.

Biryani and Business Model Innovation

So, what is Business Model Innovation anyway? Think of a business models as a recipe to make your favorite dish. Let’s say you love Biryani. Your business model is all the ingredients you put together to create that wonderful dish.

Impact Pandemic

Why do we need an #ImpactPandemic?

The philosophy of Impact Pandemic is to create a parallel viral movement of positive change in the marketplaces in which we operate. In the same way as Covid-19 is being transmitted rapidly, what if we were to start a movement of positive change parallelly.