Head banging at Paid Live Streaming Concerts: The ‘New Normal’ post Covid-19

These days when you scroll through your feed on social media, you cannot help but notice the number of musicians and DJ’s who are Live Streaming mini-concerts. Over the Easter weekend, my family and I tuned in to watch Andrea Bocelli perform live at Duomo di Milano. Two and a half million people joined the stream to watch the 25-minute live performance. Within 24 hours, the performance had been viewed over 30 million times.

Spoiler Alert: We are going to destroy our environment post Covid-19

The question to consider is, what will happen when we get back to work after the coronavirus pandemic? Will we step out, breath the fresh air and then promise ourselves that we will maintain the air quality, or will we get back to normal and continue doing what we did before the pandemic?

Paid and Unpaid leave and its impact on Travel and Tourism in 2020

One of the industries that was the first to be hit because of the Covid-19 Pandemic is Travel and Tourism. Most attractions around the world are closed and airlines have dramatically reduced the size of their operating fleet. Hotels, resorts and attractions have slimmed down staff and are on survival mode.

Is Globalization dead as a result of Covid-19?

Globalization is an incredible innovation that has led countries to overspecialize in a few areas while depending on others to fill the gaps. This pandemic has caught every country by surprise and should be treated as the fire drill for things to come.