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These are tough times for Small Businesses and Freelancers in the market and we would like to see all of you succeed. Your success is important to all of us. #ImpactPandemic is attempting to connect you with Subject Matter Experts who can help you with business challenges, improve processes, plan for the future or maybe just bounce off ideas to conduct a sanity check. If your business would like to tap into knowledge in the market this could be for you. 

How does this work?

  1. We will connect you to a consultant who could share their skills. We will connect you over email and let you take it from there.
  2. The objective is to help small businesses as much as we can to help them through this period.
  3. This is a voluntary activity and Volunteers will not receive financial reward for their time however out of pocket expenses may be covered.
  4. The consulting will be across 3 sessions for a maximum of 1 hour per session. This enables you to share your specific needs, wait for the consultant to get back to you with a solution and measure results once the process is complete. 
  5. Scheduling is based on mutual convenience and consulting will be over the phone or email.
If you are happy to reach out to a consultant, please fill out the form below.