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We have a collection resources to help you on your journey as we attempt to created an Impact Pandemic. All contributions here are voluntary. If you feel that you can contribute content or would like to share interesting content you have come across that might be helpful to small business owners, do get in touch with us by clicking here.

3D Printing : Impact Pandemic

A 3D Printer On Every Desk Post Covid-19

Imagine a world where you can mass produce customized products locally and then change the entire factory floor the next day to manufacture a completely different product. Imagine individuals who…
a future we cannot touch

A future we cannot touch

I predict that the world we return to will significantly change when it comes to touch based interaction. Customers will not want to touch ATM machines and public devices but…
the end of digital transformation

The END of Digital Transformation!

The coronavirus pandemic has opened many eyes and caused us to see flashbacks from presentations over the last decade. Proposals to change the way we operate like going digital, paperless,…

Why do we need an #ImpactPandemic?

The philosophy of Impact Pandemic is to create a parallel viral movement of positive change in the marketplaces in which we operate. In the same way as Covid-19 is being…