Are you REALLY trying to sell me something RIGHT NOW???

Don’t get me wrong. Businesses need to sell products and services and customers need to buy them to help our economy. This is how the world works. However, what I do find amusing is when you see companies acting like they are helping change the world but in reality, are just trying to flog their products to you right now. No changes, no going the extra mile, just fear-based marketing.

The standard formula trending now is the following:

  • The world is going through a big challenge right now – #Covid19
  • There has to be a way to fix this or the consequences will be disastrous
  • And oh… we are the guys you need to pay to fix it.
Photo by Fabian Gieske on Unsplash

This is a classic fear-based selling technique. To use fear to drive someone to action you must prove the following to the consumer:

  • You are likely to be affected
  • When it affects you, it will be painful
  • You have the ability to avoid this pain

Do you see the pattern? Yes, we all need our businesses to survive, but where is our humanity?

Normally you need to work hard to find something people fear. Now, it is easy, just point to the coronavirus and you are done. Then all you need to do is act like you empathize with that fear and tell the customer how you can remove the threat. The solution however is always your products or services. That’s convenient, isn’t it?

I know I get turned off when someone uses a fear-based technique on me. The more I look around, the more I see these videos and ads popping up on the internet. If I’m getting turned off, I’m sure you are as well.

Our customers deserve respect. How about we use the biggest selling motivator there is…TRUST. Fear is easy to spread in times like these. Trust is tough. Trust needs to be earned. It cannot be manufactured using slick graphics, an emotional video or a push notification with a token discount. Trust is hard work.

If you want to earn the trust of your customers, do something from your heart. Do something that really changes the lives of your customers. Work hard to earn trust…this is the best time to do it. Call your customers and ask them how they are doing? Ask because you want to know they are well and not because you want to sell them something. I’d love to see a video or a push notification about a genuine CSR campaign. This is our opportunity to change the world.

We can do better. Reach out, be kind…After all everyone wants a loyal friend.

– Rohit Jayakaran

What is #ImpactPandemic?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 at pandemic proportions has left us in challenging times. However, in the inconveniences that we face today, there are opportunities for us to help one and another. This is the chance for us as individuals to band together and work together to help sustain progress of the human race.

With this in mind, we are calling out to all those of you with Business Skills to make them available to Small Business Owners who need them the most. All we are asking for is for 3 hours of your time, spread across a period of time to consult with Small Businesses in the UAE to help them grow from strength to strength.

This project is a completely voluntary and all we ask is for those who benefit from the Business Skills of others to pay it forward to others in the marketplace. By sharing and spreading our knowledge we can create an #ImpactPandemic across the country and the globe. 



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